Saturday, September 3, 2011

My first attempt at Poetry in a very long time

So, I wrote this poem the other day about coming over here, and now that I have a blog, I thought it would be fun to post it and see what everyone thinks. I spent a lot of time revising it, but I think I may finally be finished. I wanted the pace of it to be appealing, so I spent some time fixing the syllables and words, etc. I also wanted it to rhyme a little. Anyways, here it is.

                                                 Tu me manques (I miss you)

                                                 Final boarding call for Paris
                                                 finds me a mile from the gate
                                                 running hard to catch my flight
                                                 that will send me, sadly, far away.

                                                Time-jumping on a seven-six-seven
                                                puts me hours and hours ahead
                                                landing in Paris on a cloudy morning
                                                la seule chose qui manque, c'est le soleil (the only thing missing is the sun)

                                                Chasing your ghost through Paris, now
                                                a mind's eye mirror in a couple's embrace
                                                I'm haunted by the extreme misfortune
                                           of smelling your perfume dans le monde des francais (in the world of the French)

                                                Maintaining composure while falling apart, now
                                                a self-imposed deconstruction of character
                                                rebuilding myself without my dear lynch pin
                                           la seule chose qui manque, chere, c'est vous. (the only thing missing, dear, is you)

                                               This new process of self-liberation
                                               is proving itself to be exciting, but frightful
                                               my life waited forever for me to catch up with it
                                               la seule chose qui manque, c'etait moi. (The only thing missing was me)

I hope that is as decent as I think it is, and not too personal. Feel free to comment on it as you wish. A bientot!

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  1. Hello - I live in Chicago and am a francophile facing a life changing decision to teach English in France and give up my American life, at least for now. I'd love to email you directly. I'm at My concerns are the following: how can I find a job in France BEFORE leaving the States? Is it feasible? If not, I'm trying to muster the courage to come over like you did, even without a job. Don't have to be in Paris necessarily. But surrounded by French people - yes!! To complicate matters further, I've just started a job as I was desperate for $$$ and haven't told my boss yet that I've had this dream for so long and may quit. I'm 58, have 2 kids at university, divorced, and am trying to start a new life. Don't know if I have the courage to chuck it all and risk getting over there and not find a job. I hear work papers are almost impossible to obtain, and staying past the 90 day Visa could mean prison time! WOW! Help !! Could you PLEASE write me back? I found out about your blog thru the TESL Institute in Chicago where I may start the class. MERCI MERCI BEAUCOUP !! -Linda